måndag 2 april 2012

Las Balkanieras - YuGo! lör.28/4 20:00-23:00

VAD: LAS BALKANIERAS http://www.myspace.com/lasbalkanieras
NÄR: 28 april, Kl. 20.00-23.00
LAS BALKANIERAS are three beautiful women that can write hits, sing, dance, cook, wash and clean... They originate from Croatia, Bosnia and Russia but are currently residing in Düsseldorf/Germany... They call their music "Balkan-Power-Pop“ and their motto is: FOOD, LOVE, MUSIC!

They teamed up with PIONIR aka PIONEAR - Europe's most prolific Dancehall producer to create a unique sound for their outlet. To conquer the world, they have combined an appealing appearance with references to their cultural heritage and a charming view on the role of modern women in general.
Biljetter: http://www.kulturcentralen.nu/show_direct.php?showid=7305

Their first recording CIRIBIRIBELA for the renowned GERMAICA label of their producer won LAS BALKANIERAS, the prestigeous Newcomer Award, at SPLIT ´09 Croatia’s No.1 song-festival. They also performed a surprise gig infront of more than 14.000 people at "Kontra Regula“ the memorial concert for Croatian Funk legend DINO DVORNIK and biggest crowd-puller last summer on the Mediterranean coast of Croatia.

Saturday, April 28 Las Balkanieras will visit Malmo Moriskan and deliver a really crazy show!