söndag 30 mars 2014


MALMÖ TICKETS: http://kulturcentralen.nu/evenemang/partibrejkers-partybreakers-belgrad ------------------------- GÖTEBORG TICKETS: http://www.ticnet.se/event/partibrejkers-biljetter/306253 Partibrejkers are one of the greatest rock'n'roll bands of all time, bona fide stars...and are so cool they're like beyond cool. How cool? Their classic 1985 debut album featured drums, vocals, two guitars and no bass. Over the years they've enjoyed widespread fame in their own country, supported the likes of Chuck Berry & Motorhead, had the dubious honour of being joined on stage by an "out of it" Johnny Depp and (much less dubiously) film director Emir Kusturica, released a bunch of superior rock'n'roll albums that'll endure eternity, and are still very much a headline act today. The kids just love 'em. Formed in the early eighties around the twin axis of vocalist Zoran Kostic "Cane" and guitarist Nebojsa Antonijevic "Anton", the 'Brejkers hail from the inner city streets of Belgrade. Over the years they've had many different rhythm sections behind them, but these two guys are the heart and soul of the band. Their songs evoke urban landscapes and tales from the other side, wry observations on society, the joys and pitfalls in everyday life. Make no mistake; these guys ain't lame politico-punks, but authentic social chroniclers that tell it like it is, sincerely offering up optimism and positive energy as an antidote to "all the bad that's in this town". Cane's beat poetry lyrics are delivered in a, well, beat poetry style tempered with a cool rock'n'roll drawl that is often punctuated with expressive grunts, moans and howls; angst you can believe. Anton's fluid guitar leads and riffs will melt your ears, and his awesome grungy tones will melt your brain. In full flight the band deliver a glorious noise; garage blues punk kinda like James Williamson era Stooges playing Lou Reed, R L Burnside joining AC/DC, Rory Gallagher playing the Ramones, or if The Damned were a blues band. In the end it's pretty hard to pigeon hole their sound because it is so unique and original. Their's is a back to basics style which predates the later Scandi Rock scene that gave us the likes of Turbonegro & Hellacopters, and has a lot in common with the Australian Garage Punk sound of the eighties, and it's subsequent revival in the late nineties and early to mid noughties.